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I have had a great pleasure, joy, and fortune, hitherto, to have been able to work with Catherine
Prady for around 3 years now. Catherine has provided both translation and transcription
services for my projects. She has proven and displayed high proficiency and detailed-
orientedness in her work with great professionalism.
In regard to what separates her from other linguists and puts her in a top tier would be that she
is extremely responsive, thoughtful, and personable. Those are extremely important qualities
needless to say.
With her clear vast experience, I am confident that she is able to assist with a plethora of types
of localization tasks and anyone who gets to work with her should be so lucky! »

Kentaro Yamada, Multilingual Connections
Projets de traduction français-anglais, transcription bilingue et transcription interprétative

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